Capstone Project

Mt. Ararat High School has been investigating the concept of a Capstone Project for all students senior year. The original Capstone Committee began its work in the fall of 2009. The Capstone Committee, comprised of teachers, students, and parents, is charged by the school board to develop a proposal by February 2011.

What is the Capstone Project? The Capstone Project is a culminating event linked directly to our mission statement. The goal is to have each senior develop an individual project that demonstrates that he/she has the skills to be a self directed and lifelong learner. Through the Capstone project, each senior will exhibit his/her skills as an effective communicator, quality worker, problem solver and an integrative and informed thinker.

The Capstone Committee is currently developing a model that will guide students to create a project that is both of great personal interest and pushes students to reach beyond their academic work in a way that extends and enhances the traditional school experience. By February 2011, a proposal will be presented to the school board. During the second half of this school year, students and teachers will learn about the model to be implemented for school year 2011-12. The Class of 2012 will be the first class to fully participate in the Capstone Project.

Members of the Capstone Committee are: Brooke Smith (11th Grade), Paula Estes (Parent), Rebecca Sandlin (Parent), Jameson Bryant (11th Grade), Allen Graffam (Teacher), Byron Malcom (Teacher), Sarah Cowperthwaite (Teacher), Sewall Janeway (Teacher), Steve Spaeth (Community Learning), Doug Ware (Teacher), Sheia Bohlin (Teacher), Lyn Ballou (Teacher), Karen Tilbor (Post-Secondary Liaison), Deb Ludwig (Guidance), and Brad Smith (Assistant Superintendent). The committee Chairpersons are Claudette Brassil (Advisory Coordinator) and Assistant Principal, Josh Ottow.

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  1. SC Spaeth says:

    Learn more about the work to build Capstone Projects at MTA Capstone 11

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