Mt. Ararat Music

The music program at Mt. Ararat High School has a rich history. For years, students at Mt. Ararat have participated in quality band and choral programs. Thousands of students have been members of various performing arts groups since the founding of the school in the early 1970s. Why does our school district invest in music education? The professional education research provides many reasons. For example:
1. Data indicates that mastery of the arts, including music, are linked to higher incomes, greater self-esteem, and general success in society.
2. Research tells us that students who play an instrument have lower instances of substance abuse.
3. Music education promotes cooperation, problem-solving skills, and self-discipline.
4. Music education offers a creative outlet and promotes other, less conventional methods of learning.

All these research findings are probably true. However, I think music education is critical to a well rounded education for reasons that are essential to humanity. Music is a language of beauty that allows the performer to express and the listener to appreciate the essence of our beliefs, culture, history, heritage, personal and collective identity.

We are fortunate to have a strong music program in our school led by Mr. Graffam (band) and Ms. Thomas (chorus). Please enjoy the photographs below of some of our noted music students.

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