Students And Teachers Give Feedback on New Schedule

A new schedule was introduced to Mt. Ararat for school year 2010-11. The goal of the new schedule was to provide new opportunities for teaching and learning. Specifically:

  1. Using more formative assessment strategies.
  2. Providing a wider variety of instructional approaches to reach more learners (differentiation).
  3. Providing more focus on depth of instruction rather than breadth of instruction.
  4. Providing more time for teachers to plan and collaborate on teaching and learning.
  5. Providing the opportunity to expand the types of learning activities that take place during classroom instruction.

This week the students and teachers responded to a survey to get their feedback on the new schedule. Students and teachers responded to a wide variety of questions.  The Principal met with a group of students to get their perspective on the new schedule.

  • Summer Dupuis, and eleventh grader, said she likes AST time because it allows her to get help from Mr. Quick in mathematics.
  • Nicholas Beaudoin, at tenth grader, said he appreciated having a challenging teacher like Mrs. Krauss last year because the skills he learned in her class have really helped him this year.
  • Amber Lamarre, an eleventh grader, said she likes having class every other day. It helps her organize her work and spread out her assignments for homework.
  • John Dietlin, a tenth grader, says he likes the new schedule because “we do more than one activity every class.”
  • Colton Burne, a tenth grader, says “Some of my teachers offer a variety of activities and others stick to the same type of lesson. I like economics class with Mr. Dorogi because we are expected to take what we learn and simulate investing in the stock market.”

The survey results provide a wealth of information regarding teacher and student opinions on the new schedule. Here are the student survey resultsHere are the teacher survey results. Open Ended Teacher Responses (OETR): OETR 1 , OETR 2, OETR 3

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