Teachers Integrating Technology

Mt. Ararat High School has been heavily invested in making integrated technology a primary component of instructional practice. Teachers have been using professional development time to explore ways in which they can use technology to engage students in learning.

Lisa Hogan, a teacher leader in integrated technology has been leading efforts in teacher professional development. She along with student i-team members, as well as guests from the Maine Department of Education organized a special workshop day to help teachers expand their ability to integrate technology in instruction.

Some of the projects teachers are working on include:
1. Social Studies teacher, Sewall Janweay has been developing an electronic notebook for his students titled, “You Were There.” This project utilizes investigative journalism skills from an historical perspective to study the events of September 11, 2001. These student projects will be posted through video on-line on YouTube for public consumption.
2. Mathematics teacher, Courtney Reichert has been learning how to use “applets” for her calculus students. An applet is a computer application that performs one specific task. For example, applets can provide specific examples of mathematics equations.
3. Health teacher, Jeanne Billings is working with two student i-team members to revise a unit of instruction she teaches about illegal drug use. Ms. Billings is looking for student input on how she can use technology to make this unit of instruction more engaging and relevant to students.
4. John Evans, Lisa Shipley, and Jane Kitchel from the Special Services Department are learning more about “Digital Citizenship.” Digital Citizenship is the concept that there are specific norms and values in regards to responsible behavior connected to technology use. Using various electronic resources, they will gain knowledge that will help them guide students through some of the negative aspects associated with technology use.

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