New Course Offerings

Mt. Ararat will be offering a variety of new courses for next school year.  Students will be able to sign up for these new courses during course registration shortly upon our return from February vacation.  The new courses are electives; they are courses that are not required but taken based on the special interest of the student.  Most electives are taken junior and senior year after completing most required courses.  Some of the new courses available to students are:

Shakespeare on Film Students who sign up for this course will develop an appreciation for Shakespeare, the world’s greatest dramatist; students will develop and extend analysis skills, viewing, and writing, and develop a greater appreciation and understanding for the elements of drama.

Is it History or Hollywood? Students will learn about the connections between pop culture and history, learn history through the lens of the movies, debate and discuss historical concepts in the movies, and learn to think like a movie maker.

Zionism, Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Students will learn about the roots of anti-Semitism, come to a better understanding of the Holocaust, learn to understand both sides of this conflict, and learn about America’s foreign policy role in this region of the world.

Reading and Writing History Seminar Students will choose an area of study in U.S. History, engage in scholarly reading, conduct research, and defend papers.

Health For Life is designed to give students a more in-depth understanding of current health issues occurring in their lives and the skills to cope and effectively manage these issues. Students will also explore global health issues and generational impacts on their overall health.

International Dance Students will learn about the dance of other cultures, learn how dance can reflect the perspectives of people of other cultures, and students will have the opportunity to engage in physical activity.

Exploring Foreign Cultures Students will learn about a variety of peoples and places, learn about political structures, historical artifacts, literature, and language.  Students will come away from the course with skills that will allow them to appreciate, understand, and respect the history and traditions of foreign cultures.

Foreign Film Students will explore cultural and historical eras and the state of the human condition through viewing a sampling of noteworthy foreign films.  Using technology, discussion, and the creation of a classroom time line, students will reflect and compare social and political scenes through time.

Robotics Students will learn about the roles of mechanical engineers, computer scientists, and electrical engineers.  Students will create a robot design to be used in classroom competitions and external competitions.

Fish and Wildlife Students will explore the nature of the fishing industry and other species in their natural habitat.  This course is designed for students who have a curiosity about animals and want to  understand how humans can reduce competition for resources.

Forensic Science II Students will explore more complicated forensic topics.  Students will gain an understanding of how to collect evidence, understand how observations are made, and work with local law enforcement to investigate a mock crime scene.

Infectious Disease This course will focus on the history and science of infectious disease.  Students will learn about the global health implications of disease and study current global health crisis.

Physical Science/Reading Focus This is a traditional ninth grade physical science course; however, the topics will be studied with a strong focus on reading and writing.  Students who need a physical science course and also want to improve their literacy skills will benefit greatly.

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