Mt. Ararat Students Visit Quebec

“I was so sad to have to leave all of my new friends seemingly as quickly as I had
met them,” said MTA freshman Maggie Broughton of her visit to Quebec March 16-20.
Thirteen MTA students just returned from the exchange with Polyvalente High School in St.Georges.  This year marks the seventh year of this successful program pairing our students with those in Canada.  They eat, study and play in French and English for a long weekend which includes attending classes, staying with families, visiting a sugar shack, and a trip to Quebec City and the Valcartier Village des Sports.
Sophomore Brian Johnson learned a lot about Quebecois culture, “especially the food (poutine).”  Many agreed with freshman Isabella Leon’s observation that “their lifestyle wasn’t as fast paced as the American lifestyle.”  Junior Anna Bruning found their school more structured.  All commented favorably on the efforts of the Quebec families to make them comfortable and welcome.
The Quebec hosts will visit their guests in early May.  Then MTA students have a chance to show off our classes, lobster, beaches and shopping.  According to Lyn Ballou, who organizes the exchange, “Students and parents will plan many of the activities–they know their twins by now, and remain in touch through Facebook.”
Madame Ballou credits the program with many positive benefits–experiencing a foreign culture, promoting student responsibility, and, of course, increasing levels of fluency in French.  One graduate was able to start his college French at the third level.
Another has flourished in French classes at Bowdoin College.

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