Mt. Ararat Math Team

Math team provides interested students with the opportunity to sharpen their math skills, strengthen their problem-solving abilities, and broaden their understanding of advanced mathematical concepts. This year’s team has been very successful and highly competitive in the Pi-Cone South Math League and throughout the state.

 Although participation on the math team requires commitment and hard work, the payoff for being a member of the math team is great. The exposure to such a variety of advanced math topics prepares students not only for short-term goals, such as performing well on the SATs, but also for more long-term goals of pursuing careers in the various mathematics-based fields.  Colleges look favorably on students with a strong record in math competitions and many opportunities become available to them.

 A regular math team season includes weekly practices where time is spent discussing mathematical concepts, finding solutions and developing strategies for better problem solving.  In addition to practices, the team competes against other schools in five meets during the school year followed by a statewide competition in April. These meets test students’ skills and understanding of various math topics in geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus.

One can view this year’s final scores posted on the MAML website (statewide) and the Pi-Cone website (southern Maine schools only).  If you go to the MAML link, you will see the team’s final scores for the five meets compared to all the other teams from Maine.

This year, the Mt. Ararat team placed 9th out of approximately 100 schools in the state of Maine during their regular season. David Brann was 1st senior in the Pi-Cone South League and placed 5th senior overall at the state level.  David Brann was chosen from Mt. Ararat to participate in the “2011 Maine All-Star Math Team”.

Overall, the team has had a wonderful season with great results.  The students have worked well together and have dedicated a lot of time to the team.  We are very proud of their achievements this year!

The math team coaches are Courtney Reichert and Carmen Palmer.

Math Team

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