Envirathon Brings Home Hardware!

The Mt. Ararat Envirathon Teams recently participated in theMid-Coast Regional Envirathon Competition and as the kids say, “we are bringing home the hardware.”  Results for both teams:
Mt. Ararat (Team A) (Ian Pinette ’12, Emmie Cox ’14, Jonah Levy ’14, Alicia Caterina ’14, Michaela Remis ’14, Emilia McGrath~ALT ’12),~Soils Event  3rd place;Aquatics Event –1st place;Forestry Event -2nd place;Wildlife Event 3rd place;Current Issue Event & Poster Presentation 3rd place  Overall Ranking – 2nd place!

Mt. Ararat (Team B) (Rowley Jones ’12, Adeline Schneider ’13, Cat Johnson ’14, Matt Porter ’15, Maggie Bouchard~ALT ’12, Anna Rohman~ALT ’12) Soils Event  2nd place; Aquatics Event 6th place; Forestry Event 3rd place; Wildlife Event – 5th place; Current Issue Event & Poster Presentation 2nd place; Overall Ranking – 4th place

Both teams have advanced to the State Competition and will represent Mt. Ararat at the University of Maine at the end of May.  Coach Mike Cooney says he is very proud of these students, saying “they have worked very hard and I think a few of them even surprised themselves!  Feel free to congratulate them when you see them tomorrow, they will be donning their newly acquired green E-thon T’s.”

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