Laptop Program

Laptop Program

We are in our second year of the laptop program. Both teachers and students are achieving a great deal in teaching and learning.  Our students are going to be in the workforce for the next fifty years.  It is my strong belief that students at Mt. Ararat are in a stronger position to be prepared for their future through participation in this laptop program.  Laptops are powerful tools for learning.  Since these are such powerful devices, they require responsibility and maturity on the part of the student.  The guidelines below are designed to help the entire school community (parents, students, & educators) manage these laptops in a responsible way.


1.         The laptops are school property on loan to students to support teaching and learning.

2.         It is strongly advised that students limit their recreational use of laptops to two hours per day or less.

3.         Students should avoid recreational use of laptops in study hall;  study hall is an academic time.

4.         Make safe, responsible choices when using the laptops.

5.         If it is against the rules in our physical space, it is against the rules in digital space.

6.         Parents have the right to set home guidelines.

7.         Students should use the laptops to show parents the schoolwork they are engaged in.

8.         Parents are encouraged to look at the Digital Citizenship Blog found on the MSAD No. 75 website.  Parents are also encouraged to access Common Sense Media for information about parenting in the digital world.


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